• 2011: Start business with major German Anime publishers

    comeso was founded by a group of German IT and software engineers, developing a technical solution to tackle online piracy. The aspiration arose from the fact that during that time, German Anime publishers struggled with financial losses due to online piracy. In order to protect past and future investments, comeso has been put in charge of regaining control over infringements of protected rights or copyrights.
    Utilizing newest technologies and algorithms, comeso achieved a large quantity of takedowns. Additionally, as part of the complete solution, users have been educated to use legal offers instead through so-called rerouting. As a result, comeso’s efforts eventually led to a swift and full recovery of the market.

  • 2012: Extend business area to music and software

    Encouraged by the great success of their system, comeso strived from beginning of 2012 to extend their system to venture on protecting music and the software contents from online piracy as well as monitoring and removing online piracy in any language. Given its unique technical attempt to solve the problem of online piracy so effective, it was easily possible for comeso to cover a great range of platforms which are used in different parts of the world.

  • 2013: comeso now covers any type of content in all languages

    With the positive result in combating online piracy in the anime, music and software content fields, comeso made a bold move to offer protection on any type of content and in all languages the product is available in. comeso’s services are now readily available for clients in a global scale. comeso spares no effort to be the world’s leading anti-piracy service provider for the content industry.

  • 2014: Leading international Anime publishers now work with comeso

    More and more companies got interested into comeso's service because of its unique way to achieve victory against online piracy which no one else before was able to do.
    comeso's reputation among ISPs and service and website owners grew more and more making it easier for them to remove content from more and more illegal websites where no other company was able to do so.
    Because of its consequent but fair reputation comeso also got access to many trusted contacts or interfaces to remove illegal copies even faster.

  • 2015: Extend business in Korea and Japan with a new office in East Asia

    After this breakthrough comeso decided to expand to Japan and Korea to show its proven anti-piracy system to content publishers all over the country whose content was so much pirated.
    During 2015 comeso was able to start working with Japanese and Korean video content producers and publishers and given the very positive feedback of its clients is now working on convincing all publishers to join protecting their content from online piracy.

  • 2016: Expand business to Southeast Asia

    Gaining the approval of most major companies in the Japanese and Korean content industry, comeso now holds their trust in protecting their content from online piracy. With this, more and more companies in Japan and Korea rely exclusively on comeso’s services now. To further increase comeso’s scope in fighting online piracy in the content industry, comeso also participates in large scale projects in partnership with government related associations. From here, comeso plans to offer its services of content protection to other countries in Southeast Asia too aside from Japan and Korea.